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I am an AI enthusisasist.

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Thinking before Coding

Thinking before Coding

Seeing my firstly written idea on a piece of paper that works on a machine at the end of the day brings me indescribable satisfaction.

Learning is Earning

Learning is Earning

I usually double check my solutions (before and after implementation) with the latest achievements of the community,
two heads are better than one.

Keep it Dry !

Keep it Dry !

Modification of any single element of my code doesn’t require changing any other logically unrelated elements. sometimes I comment before I code!

Efficiency matters

Efficiency matters

I've major experiences with facing at least 30 TB of HDFS data every day. eliminating even one redundant variable can make a great difference.

work procces









May 2018 - Current

Big Data Specialist

Huawei Technologies

Working in the largest Telecommunication company in the world.
Being involved in developing extraordinary enterprise solutions.
Currently participating in a Customer Experience Management (CEM) Project, which Huawei is implementing for the country's largest data operator (MTNi) as well as MCI. my work here usually involves maintaining the big data lake of user-plane and signaling data, which are Apache Hadoop's family. including Impala and HBase for the data warehouse. and also monitor, refine and T-shoot Hive, Spark, Pig, and zookeeper for the control and calculations. besides, it is my responsibility to create and maintain Business Insight reports using Tableau and my Machine Learning knowledge to verify the data accuracy of our Big-Data system.

My works as a Data Analyst is included but not limited to:

  • Determine business KPIs with colleagues and refinenig the correlation factors. furthermore, define and implement novel business KQIs (Key Quality Indicator) in order to intensify quality of MTN Irancell's network and also refining the network's failures and weak points.
  • Significant experience in Database Administration (DBA) in Impala, HBase, Oracle Sybase IQ, and Postgres SQL. extracting data from mentioned data sources, doing the ETL process on them via tools like Tableau Prep and python scripts to make the customized correlation between raw data and business KPI/KQIs.
    Also creating Stored Procedures and Triggers in order to ensure the availability of every aggregation level of data is my job.
  • Create appealing visualizations using Tableau, creating dashboards for each department's inquiries and handling the Tableau server maintenance. I experienced several cases in which I turned a high-level business KPI into a complete data pipeline process and business insight report with Tableau.
  • Automate the vast variety of data source integration and tasks, using python programming language. also facilitated the creation process of Daily/Weekly reports using VBA.
  • Certifications and Awards:
    HCNA Cloud (Certificate License: 010100802807247211409)
    verifiable at here.

    Oct 2016 - Feb 2018

    Malicious Software and Sabotage Prevention Expert


    APAA stands for (Awareness, Support, Aid). an organization that aims to provide Security by operating regulatory oversight over a variety of services.

    some of my significant achievements in APAA is as follows:

  • Challenging the Captcha Verification system of the well-known
    Sadad Payment System with Python using the Tesseract OCR library with the accuracy of 71% which convinced them to issue a major update for their captcha system and release a security patch.
  • Creating a completely customized Capture the Flag Linux platform in order to hire other talented students in APAA. click here to watch.
  • Advanced Social Engineering methods and solutions for Iranian office electronic routines. The Persian version of the report can be found here.
  • Early Publication of Intel® Active Management Technology Vulnerability Report. Persian version of report can be found here.
  • Comprehensive Web Server Security Guide. can be found here.
  • Jun 2016 - Sep 2016

    Advanced Programming Teacher Assistant

    Tabriz University.

    Had a Great experience during learning how to code with python together
    The codes and agenda of the course are accessible here.


    2013 - 2017

    Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Engineering

    Tabriz University.

    thesis: presenting a new model for implementing the cultural algorithms

    The proposed algorithm aims to increase the performance of cultural algorithms by contextualizing a new algorithm about improve the dietary tastes of people in bedding of communications between people and chefs and scoring the highest desired food recipes between chefs communities. This algorithm is a customized cultural algorithm that can compete well besides classic cultural algorithms to solve constrained optimization problems. can be found here.

    other mentionable activities:

  • Member of the Academic Department
  • Advanced Programming Teacher assistant
  • Created a Plant Care Robot called GolCare which used Q Learning in order to achieve a sufficient amount of light and other suitable parameters for proper plant growth.
  • wrote a Denial of service python script as my Computer Network course that took down my university landing page for about 15 minutes.
    video demonstration of it is available at Youtube.
  • and have done several small projects to help my classmates.
  • 2009 - 2013

    Diploma of Mathematics and Physics

    Shahram Emami Ale Agha. Tehran, Iran

    GPA: 19.12/20.0
    member of the badminton team
    (achieved the 7'th rank in a country level tournaments)

    Download CV

    coding skills


    Pandas and Numpy

    scikit-learn prototyping

    Tensorflow (using Keras wrapper)

    Data Visualization in Python (Seaborn & Bokeh)

    Functional Programming (Jupyter)

    Big Data skills

    Big Data Manipulation Princples (ETL)

    Tableau (visualiztion and maintenance)

    Sybase IQ DBA

    Impala RDBMS DBA

    Traditional SQL fluency


    LPIC-1, Linux Administration and Hardening

    Full Automative MS Excel Reporting

    Windows Server Administration

    Version Control (Git/Github)


    Maryam Hesami

    Maryam Hesami

    Operation Director at Huawei Technologies

    Ali is an incredibly talented developer but what makes him standout is his work ethics, being ready to help others and his trustworthiness. I can recommend him without hesitation.

    Mina Zolfy

    DR. Mina Zolfi

    Assistant Professor at Tabriz University

    I've worked extensively with Ali at APAA subsidery of Tabriz University. he significantly enhanced the procedure of creating security oversight reports while he was here.

    Milad Sefidgaran

    Milad Sefidgaran

    postdoctoral fellow at Paristech University

    I founded out Ali’s Skill in maintaining the Project's Big Data Lake (Apache Hadoop), Oracle RDMBS DBA skills, Ability to face unforeseen ETL issues and lastly Design and maintain Tableau software is second to none.

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    based in Tehran, Iran

    Tel : +98 903 8308784

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